[maemo-developers] calls to gasyncqueue_new fail

From: Kaj-Michael Lang milang at tal.org
Date: Sun Dec 4 10:41:48 EET 2011
On Sat, 2011-12-03 at 14:14 -0600, Michael Cronenworth wrote:
> > Is there something Maemo-specific that I need to do to allow async 
> > queues? 
> Apparently, yes.
> In order to use GAsyncQueue objects you must call g_threads_init()
> and 

A recent glib (2.32) release changed how threads are handled, there is
no need to initialize threads anymore. But if you are using an old glib
then threads needs to still be initialized. Not maemo specific.


Kaj-Michael Lang <milang at tal.org>

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