[maemo-developers] calls to gasyncqueue_new fail

From: Michael Cronenworth mike at cchtml.com
Date: Sun Dec 4 22:21:45 EET 2011
On 12/04/2011 02:41 AM, Kaj-Michael Lang wrote:
> A recent glib (2.32) release changed how threads are handled, there is
> no need to initialize threads anymore. But if you are using an old glib
> then threads needs to still be initialized. Not maemo specific.

I'm not using glib 2.32 on any desktop machine. They are using 2.30 or 
older. The oldest version I can remember when I started using 
GAsyncQueues in apps was glib 2.20, which is what Maemo 5 is using. 
Maemo's version needs the init called. I don't really want to spend time 
finding out the raw details on such extremely old libraries.

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