[maemo-users] [maemo-users] anyone made a custom input method?

From: Joseph J. Strout joe at strout.net
Date: Fri Dec 2 17:44:29 EET 2005
At 10:01 AM +0200 12/2/05, Jakub Pavelek wrote:

>The VKB is not open in the current SW edition (IT-2005). You could go
>replace the current input method with yours (need root access).

I'd be OK with that.  I'm a bit of a Linux newbie here, but isn't it 
fairly routine for users to need root access to install software 

Of course it'd be nicer if users could switch back and forth at will, 
but if switching requires running some script with root access, 
that'd still do for a start.

>Or, alternatively, lobby for the Input Method getting open in the next
>year's SW edition and do it properly there.) Maybe I should run a
>petition on this ;-)

I'd certainly sign on.  But in the meantime... any tips on how I 
would go about replacing the current input method?

- Joe (clueless newbie)


Joseph J. Strout
joe at strout.net

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