[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Wifi network problem: is this a maemo issue?

From: Erik Bågfors erik at bagfors.nu
Date: Tue Dec 13 13:25:06 EET 2005
tis 2005-12-13 klockan 10:38 +0000 skrev Matthews-Levine:

> Hi all -
> Being lucky enough to have got my hands on a 770, I couldn't wait to
> try out the free wifi at my gym.  I know I've got wifi on a 2MB
> connection at home, but there's nothing quite like burning up someone
> else's bandwidth, is there? ;-)
> So, I ask at the reception and they tell me that there's no
> documentation and no setup instructions.  It "just works", they say. 
> What does that tell me?  DHCP's /got/ to be in place.  Searching for a
> WiFi network, I see the only available open AP with the same name as
> the gym - that's got to be the right one.  I select it and the globe
> icon gets a "W" pretty much instantly.
> Then it all stops working.  Net - doesn't work.  Ping - doesn't work.
> Here're the network details I got from the connection manager:
> ip:
> nm:
> rtr:
> ... and I can't even ping the router address.  I get an "invalid
> address" error back.

Is the "router" address?? I assume by "router" you mean
gateway? If so, that's not going to work since it's not on the same
network as the IP you got.  Did you try to ping That's
most likely the real gateway address.

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