[maemo-users] [maemo-users] RE: Home networking with Nokia 770

From: Howard mann howardm at xmission.com
Date: Wed Dec 14 05:26:57 EET 2005

An update :

I was able to connect to a wireless point at work using an appropriate WEP 

I'm still unable to reach a Web site at home. As I mentioned before, I have 
DSL with a Linksys wireless Access Point that is functional with my Windows 

Here are my settings : Infrastructure mode.
                                 WEP key type  HEX
                                 WEP key length 104 (128 bits)
                                  WEP key #1 : 26 number/character string

                                  Advanced settings :
                                  (No proxy specified)

                                  IP address :
                                  Subnet mask :
                                   Router :
                                   Primary DNS address :
                                   Secondary DNS address :

                                   Other : WLAN transmission power : 10mW

When I try a web address, I get :  Network problem

I then open Connection Manager and see :

Connection type    WLAN
Signal                     Full green bars
Received                 0 B
Sent                         816 B
Duration                   The timer shows progressing time

I then go to Connection manager...Internet connection...IP address, and see 

Connection   W  Linksys
IP address : as above
Netmask :  as above
Default router : (as above)

What should I try at this point  ?

Thanks for the advice/suggestions so far.

(When I type in the address bar, nothing happens)

Howard Mann


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