[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Re: streaming video?

From: Nathan Davenport nfdavenport at yahoo.com
Date: Sat Dec 17 06:59:13 EET 2005
I have yet to get any video to actually "stream".  I have a Helix (Real) server setup serving some captured clips from the Helix producer.  If I connect to the helix server through rtsp:// and access the stream, all I get is the audio, but at least it is actually streaming.

However, if I drop it out on the apache docroot and access it that way, it downloads the whole thing and plays it ok.  This is the same as if I copy it directly to the 770 first and play it.

Ultimately, I am would like to get the Helix producer pushing real-time video to the server and stream it to the 770.  However, I can't even make this work locally on the server yet.  Trying to figure out the broadcast URLs to know if I am doing it right is a pain.  The docs are poor since Real is trying to sell support. :)

Here is a test clip if anyone is interested.  The handsome man in the video is me of course.


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