[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Nokia 770 with the N90

From: Lassi Syrjälä lassis at cc.jyu.fi
Date: Sat Dec 17 12:54:51 EET 2005
reggie at internettablettalk.com kirjoitti 16.12.2005 kello 23.21:
> The Nokia 770 specs say that it can supports MPEG1, MPEG4, Real  
> Video, H.263,
> AVI, and 3GP. Why only support .avi extensions then? Was this  
> overlooked? Anyw
> orkaround to associate .mp4 with the Video player app?


The 770 (as well as the N90) supports 3GP which is an MP4 derivative.  
The two formats are
interoperable to some extent, so MP4 files, once visible in the  
dialogs, are apparently successfully
handled by the 3GP demuxer.

As a workaround, one could extend the definition for 'video/3gpp'  
mime type to cover .mp4 extension
as well, or possibly install a new type 'video/mpeg4'.

Something along the lines of  this could be added to /usr/share/mime/ 

   <mime-type type="video/3gpp">
     <comment>3GPP media file</comment>
     <glob pattern="*.3gp"/>
     <glob pattern="*.3gpp"/>
     <osso:category name="video"/>

Note that changes won't take effect until you run "update-mime- 
database /usr/share/mime" as root.

If you opt to install a new mime type (instead of extending video/ 
3gpp), you also need to add that type to
Video player's desktop file under /usr/share/applications/hildon/


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