[maemo-users] [maemo-users] 770 on the way

From: Ted Zlatanov tzz at bu.edu
Date: Fri Dec 8 22:09:31 EET 2006
On  8 Dec 2006, dking at ketralnis.com wrote:

>> If the 870 had a pull-out keyboard, that would be compelling enough
>> for me.  Otherwise, I'd probably skip a generation or two.
> Indeed! I have an n770 and would definitely buy an 870 if it had a
> keyboard with a CTRL and ESC button (that is, a keyboard on which I
> could code, run vim, etc)

Code?!?!  You are insane.  The 770 screen is hardly big enough for web
browsing.  Code requires lots of physical screen space.

The ESC key for vim is the "go back" key by the way, in case you
didn't know about it :)

I've tried pull-out keyboards over the years: Zaurus, Mylo, even some
UMPCs.  They are unpleasant for me.  Maybe my fingers are thick, but I
find them more trouble than the 770 on-screen keyboard, which has the
predictive input too.

I was very happy with the Nokia 9000-series keyboards, though.  The
keys are large and there's enough distance between them.  I wouldn't
mind a clamshell 770 successor with those keys and a wide screen for
watching movies :)


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