[maemo-users] [maemo-users] 770 on the way

From: Clemens Eisserer linuxhippy at gmail.com
Date: Wed Dec 13 17:22:14 EET 2006
I would be happy if Nokia would work on stability issues.
The pre-packaged opera does not work as smooth as someone would expect
of a consumer device (you harly can browser for 2 hours without
restarting it several times) and the from-time-to-time crashes I am
sure everybody has seen are not really ... well ... what I would
expect from a Linux powered device.
EIther Nokia's software stack isn't polished enough (the N770 came too
late anyway) or there are some detect-crash-technologies which don't
work right.

lg Clemens

2006/12/8, Ted Zlatanov <tzz at bu.edu>:
> On  8 Dec 2006, dking at ketralnis.com wrote:
> >> If the 870 had a pull-out keyboard, that would be compelling enough
> >> for me.  Otherwise, I'd probably skip a generation or two.
> >
> > Indeed! I have an n770 and would definitely buy an 870 if it had a
> > keyboard with a CTRL and ESC button (that is, a keyboard on which I
> > could code, run vim, etc)
> Code?!?!  You are insane.  The 770 screen is hardly big enough for web
> browsing.  Code requires lots of physical screen space.
> The ESC key for vim is the "go back" key by the way, in case you
> didn't know about it :)
> I've tried pull-out keyboards over the years: Zaurus, Mylo, even some
> UMPCs.  They are unpleasant for me.  Maybe my fingers are thick, but I
> find them more trouble than the 770 on-screen keyboard, which has the
> predictive input too.
> I was very happy with the Nokia 9000-series keyboards, though.  The
> keys are large and there's enough distance between them.  I wouldn't
> mind a clamshell 770 successor with those keys and a wide screen for
> watching movies :)
> Ted
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