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From: Sean Moss-Pultz sean at moss-pultz.com
Date: Thu Feb 9 14:07:09 EET 2006
On 2006/2/9, at 下午 4:59, Eero Tamminen wrote:

> AFAIK there are two ways to fix this:
> - Replace the device font(s) with fonts that support all the glyphs
>   you need.  Downside is that as your font metrics are different,
>   strings may not fit into screen, widget sizes may change etc.
> - Add support to Browser for rendering the text using glyphs from
>   multiple fonts.  Gtk does this automatically with Pango (i.e.
>   things work automatically for normal applications), but I
>   don't think Browser is using that

Thanks a lot for the reply. I'm not too thrilled with the idea of  
replacing the font that Nokia carefully made work for all screens  
with some random font of mine. Since Opera is closed source I don't  
think there's anyway to change that either, right? I guess this  
leaves me without very many options.

Oh well... other than the font issue, (which is huge to me) this  
device is quite nice. Maybe someday Nokia will release a firmware  
update with the option of a larger install footprint but with  
multilingual fonts.


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