[maemo-users] [maemo-users] flasher not flashing ...

From: FRLinux frlinux at gmail.com
Date: Wed Feb 22 02:07:11 EET 2006

I've played a bit with flasher and the developper version by issuing :
./flasher -r Maemo_Dev_Platform_rootfs_v1.1.jffs2 -f -R

This worked fine. I then wanted to go back to the last release, so
following the website instructions, i issued a :
./flasher -F Nokia_770_3.2005.51-13.bin -f -R

It doesn't work, i keep getting :
Found image 2nd (length 8576)
Found image secondary (length 79360)
Found image xloader (length 13824)
Found image initfs (length 1567360)
Found image kernel (length 1481728)
File length too big

Any idea how to fix this ?


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