[maemo-users] [maemo-users] New on list & Problem executing on Nokia 770

From: Antonio Nó Rodríguez anorod at ribera.tel.uva.es
Date: Wed Feb 22 13:50:23 EET 2006
Hello all :),

I got a Nokia 770 this January and I was thinking to develop some
aplication on it (not sure what about yet). To start, I wrote the example
"Hello World" program, executed it in the scratchbox (for PC and ARM) and
it worked fine. The problem is when I put the app in the Nokia 770 and try
to execute it because I get an "unknown file type" (both with the PC and
ARM compilation). I don't know if it would be necessary an extension or to
create an installation for the program.

I also tried to install mono on the Nokia 770 but couldn't get it working

Thank you

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