[maemo-users] [maemo-users] First impressions, first questions, first problems

From: Israel Herraiz israel.herraiz at urjc.es
Date: Wed Jan 18 14:07:43 EET 2006
Stefan Boresch wrote:
> (2) Can one get the filemanager application to view files that
> do not live under the ~/MyDocs hierarchy. I wouldn't mind the graphical
> interface for files that I wrote/produced whatever in xterms etc.

You can try to create a symbolic link under MyDocs to the place you want
to see from the File Manager.

> (3) I have installed the GPE-PIM suite of tools, very nice! However,
> is there some documentation (help) available (or am I just too stupid
> to find it?) Specifically, I'd like to know how I can backup my data.
> Since I experiment with the 770, I may have to reflash it at some point
> and would prefer not to loose all my contacts. Are there some files
> (directory) which one can rsync to some external machine for this purpose?

Take a look at this:

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