[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Adding swap make system *LESS* stable

From: Serge Semashko serge at lxnt.info
Date: Fri Jan 27 16:16:17 EET 2006
David D. Hagood wrote:

> It seems to me that adding a 20M swap file makes my Nokia *less* stable, 
> not more. I've tried both swap files on a MMC card as well as swap 
> partitions, and in both cases it seems that I am more likely to crash 
> the browser with swap enabled than with swap disabled.
> Has anybody else seen this?

After enabling 16MB swap, I have seen gcc internal compiler errors
several times (I know that a proper way of development is to use
scratchbox, but installing gcc using apt-get was a faster way to get
something compiled for the device). After disabling swap and compiling
the same projects again, no ICEs were observed. But that might be just a

By the way, are there any hardware diagnostics tools to test system
stability on Nokia 770? For example defective memory is quite common on
desktop PCs, so I always suggest running memtest86 in the case when the
system seems to behave strange.

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