[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Adding swap make system *LESS* stable

From: booiiing booiiing at gmail.com
Date: Mon Jan 30 11:01:28 EET 2006
2006/1/28, Armin M. Warda <Armin.Warda at web.de>:
> No, I think swap on a N770 is a plus for stability. I have been using
> it for about 4 weeks now.
> What I observe: if I have an OS crash or spontaneous reboot, then the
> probablility of more of these unwelcome events to occur during the
> next minutes is very high. But if the device ran stable for a while -
> let's say a day - then the probablility is very high that it keeps
> running without crashes or spontaneous reboots for several days.
> Thus, on my N770 the OS crashes or spontaneous reboots really arrive
> in bulks (no negexp inter-arrival time distribution, thus these can't
> be independent events).
> What I mean with 'spontaneous reboot': not all reboots seem to be
> caused by real OS crashes, there seems to be a kind of watchdog that
> automagically reboots the device if it notices an essential process
> is missing or misbehaving. Probably you could turn this watchdog off.
> But I think for an end-user - not a hacker - this watchdog is an
> appropriate thing.
i rather think that it could be problems like taking it from a warm
place with a lot of humidity to a cold place, where the damp condenses
and thus the weird behaviour. of course it behaves normal again after
the electric circuits are dry again.

this would also explain the "bulks" - it will keep on crashing until
the circuits are dry.
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