[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Adding swap make system *LESS* stable

From: Armin M. Warda Armin.Warda at Web.De
Date: Sat Jan 28 19:19:31 EET 2006
On Thursday 26 January 2006 16:03, Frantisek Dufka wrote:
> IMO 24 is more than enough. Even 16MB is a big improvement.

I read the limit were 32Mbytes, so I use 31000 kbytes of swap 
in /dev/mmcvlkp2, which is more than enough. 16-20MBytes 
would also be sufficient.

> I just think my device have worse battery performance
> with swap turned on even if it is not swapping much.

Maybe. I did not notice it. But now that you mention it...

> David D. Hagood wrote:
> > It seems to me that adding a 20M swap file makes my Nokia *less*
> > stable, not more. I've tried both swap files on a MMC card as
> > well as swap partitions, and in both cases it seems that I am
> > more likely to crash the browser with swap enabled than with swap
> > disabled.
> >
> > Has anybody else seen this?

No, I think swap on a N770 is a plus for stability. I have been using 
it for about 4 weeks now.

What I observe: if I have an OS crash or spontaneous reboot, then the 
probablility of more of these unwelcome events to occur during the 
next minutes is very high. But if the device ran stable for a while - 
let's say a day - then the probablility is very high that it keeps 
running without crashes or spontaneous reboots for several days.

Thus, on my N770 the OS crashes or spontaneous reboots really arrive 
in bulks (no negexp inter-arrival time distribution, thus these can't 
be independent events).

What I mean with 'spontaneous reboot': not all reboots seem to be 
caused by real OS crashes, there seems to be a kind of watchdog that 
automagically reboots the device if it notices an essential process 
is missing or misbehaving. Probably you could turn this watchdog off. 
But I think for an end-user - not a hacker - this watchdog is an 
appropriate thing.


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