[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Next revision of 770 hardware - any idea when it willbe available?

From: Jason Mills jmills at vmware.com
Date: Thu Jul 13 10:01:19 EEST 2006
Coming from the x86 virtualization perspective... I'm pretty sure they're
discussing ARM emulation on IA32/x86 (as in, during the development and
testing phase), not IA/x86 emulation on ARM in the Maemo 2.0 Roadmap. :-)

See here:


  "Things not yet part of Maemo SDK"
  "Building for ARMEL"

They already have a partial Type-III VMM implementation (via QEMU) but need
to finish fleshing it out so you get a full runtime environment (like the
older Palm platform emulators, and the current Windows Mobile 5.0 emulator)
so you can mimic an entire device rather than specific app-run functionality.

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I noticed in the Maemo software roadmap  on the www page whose url is


a reference to x86 device emulation/virtualization but I wonder whether 
the performance of the current hardware would be anywhere near 
sufficient to allow anything useful to be accomplished in a vm environment.


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