[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Next revision of 770 hardware - any idea when it willbe available?

From: John B. Holmblad jholmblad at aol.com
Date: Thu Jul 13 17:30:08 EEST 2006

thanks for you insights and, as a matter a fact, after further 
consideration  prior to your response I concluded that your 
interpretation is the more logical one.

I have been testing an ARM emulator that Microsoft now distributes 
primarily, but not only for developers of Windows Mobile 5.0 software. 
It is nice because you can run it without having to also install/run 
Visual Studio. It is great for conducting quick tests of the plethora of 
WM apps out there whether of the no-cost or of the try before you buy 
variety, This way you can test out the apps with running the risk of 
hosing your "real machine".

I have not tried to do so myself but I would be curious to know what 
would happen if the Nokia sw for the 770 were installed on the Microsoft 
ARM emulator.  I have to assume that the emulator is agnostic with 
respect to the actual target ARM processor (e.g. Intel, TI, etc) to 
which the OS has been compiled. Of course the emulator is not going to 
have any specialized HW (e.g. DSP) beyond what is standard for the 
Windows Mobile 5.0 environment.

Actually the problem with the emulator is that, like the VMWare VMWare 
player, there is no provision for creating a Virtual Machine image, at 
least as far as I know, not having read the manual for the emulator if 
in fact there is  manual.

For anyone who is interested here is the url to the www page at the 
Microsoft www site where you can download it:



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Jason Mills wrote:
> Coming from the x86 virtualization perspective... I'm pretty sure they're
> discussing ARM emulation on IA32/x86 (as in, during the development and
> testing phase), not IA/x86 emulation on ARM in the Maemo 2.0 Roadmap. :-)
> See here:
> http://maemo.org/platform/docs/tutorials/Maemo_tutorial.html
>   "Things not yet part of Maemo SDK"
> and
>   "Building for ARMEL"
> They already have a partial Type-III VMM implementation (via QEMU) but need
> to finish fleshing it out so you get a full runtime environment (like the
> older Palm platform emulators, and the current Windows Mobile 5.0 emulator)
> so you can mimic an entire device rather than specific app-run functionality.
> -JMills
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> All,
> I noticed in the Maemo software roadmap  on the www page whose url is
>     http://maemo.org/platform/docs/roadmap.html
> a reference to x86 device emulation/virtualization but I wonder whether 
> the performance of the current hardware would be anywhere near 
> sufficient to allow anything useful to be accomplished in a vm environment.
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