[maemo-users] [maemo-users] IT2006 mail client - are IMAP folders supported

From: George Farris farrisg at cc.mala.bc.ca
Date: Wed Jun 21 01:42:37 EEST 2006
On Wed, 2006-21-06 at 00:42 +0200, Michael Flaig wrote:
> Hi Dirk,
> it would be great to have imap folders but I hope with libtinymail the
> mail application gets also more stable and faster. 
> I had 3 reboots when reading the mailing list today. only about 70
> messages were in the inbox. I think the n770 ran completly out of memory
> (I use the 64mb swap on the mmc). Have given up reading my email via the
> n770 now and reading/writing mail on my powerbook again.
> just my 2 cents,

I have to concur.  I have reboots all the time with the email/google
talk stuff.  I have also given up and just read via web mail.  Would
really be nice to have the email work well.  This is with pop mail.

I tried the gtalk2voip service and it worked sort of but there was lots
of sound and the 770 would reboot every minute or so.


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