[maemo-users] [maemo-users] IT2006 mail client - are IMAP folders supported

From: Michael Flaig mflaig at mozilla-center.de
Date: Wed Jun 21 02:00:48 EEST 2006

Am Dienstag, den 20.06.2006, 15:42 -0700 schrieb George Farris:

> I have to concur.  I have reboots all the time with the email/google
> talk stuff.  I have also given up and just read via web mail.  Would
> really be nice to have the email work well.  This is with pop mail.

it seems the mail app is simply using too much ram. 
time for an n880 with 512 mb ram??? :-)

Gtalk seems a lot more stable to me, I had an half-hour gtalk with a
friend last week (via the internal mic and speaker) which worked great.

I also use gtalk to chat, and have an additional jabber account at
jabber.ccc.de. chat´s seem to work well but conferences always kills the
chat app.

> I tried the gtalk2voip service and it worked sort of but there was lots
> of sound and the 770 would reboot every minute or so.

could it have to do something with gtalk2voip service? have you tried
gtalk->gtalk also? same problems?


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