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From: Alex Crough neoredux at clockworq.com
Date: Tue Jun 27 04:12:47 EEST 2006
On Mon, 2006-06-26 at 19:38 -0500, John Leko wrote:
> Hello maemo users!
> My wife purchased a 770 Internet Tablet for me about one week ago.  
> Since then, I have been trying to learn as much as I can about it  
> from the user's perspective. Borrowing a friend's Windows PC, I  
> managed to update the software to Version 5.2006.13-7. I have  
> encountered a few issues since then and I wonder if any solutions  
> exist for them?
> 1. I use Mac OS X. Is there any way (other than using Virtual PC or  
> buying an Intel-Mac) to load system updates onto the 770 using it  
> instead of Windows?

-- Go to the Maemo website (at http://www.maemo.org) and there is a
flasher tool for the command line. I belive its under downloads/tools.

> 2. The desktop clock appears to be three hours off from my Central  
> Daylight Time time zone. Is there a patch that I am unaware of? If  
> so, where can I find it?

There was an error in that version. Just adjust your World Clock 3 hours
and the desktop clock will be fine.

> 3. Speaking of time in the Date & Time Control Panel, the Daylight  
> savings time checkbox will not check no matter what/when I try it.  
> Again, any patch for this?

Dont know

> 4. The Utilities > Clock app shows the same time no matter what  
> cities/time zones I select.

Same clock bug, you just have to adjust you're clock

> 5. When using the e-mail client to send a message, I cannot populate  
> the To: line using the Contacts list. I tap on the Contacts icon,  
> then select the appropriate name from the dialog, and tap "Add".  
> Nothing happens. %-\
> This does not seem right.

Sorry, still no help.

> 6. Finally after searching Nokia's website, I can find no direction  
> as to how to optimally charge the battery. Is is best to drain it  
> completely or nearly so prior to recharging, or doesn't it matter?

It does fine with partial draining for me. I hope this helped.


> Your experienced assistance is appreciated! 8-)
> Thanks.
> J.
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