[maemo-users] [maemo-users] New user questions

From: Mike Lococo mpl22 at cornell.edu
Date: Tue Jun 27 06:16:47 EEST 2006
Alex gave lots of good advice, which I'll only add to...

>> 1. I use Mac OS X. Is there any way (other than using Virtual PC or  
>> buying an Intel-Mac) to load system updates onto the 770 using it  
>> instead of Windows?
> -- Go to the Maemo website (at http://www.maemo.org) and there is a
> flasher tool for the command line. I belive its under downloads/tools.

Also see http://bleb.org/software/770/ for a graphical front-end to the 
flasher that you may find easier to use (haven't tried it myself, but 
heard good things).

>>3. Speaking of time in the Date & Time Control Panel, the Daylight  
>>savings time checkbox will not check no matter what/when I try it.  
>>Again, any patch for this?
> Dont know

This is probably the clock bug, I imagine that the missing time zone 
data is used to determine what areas use DST.  This will all be fixed in 
the next release, or you can manage your GMT deviation manually as Alex 
suggested, or if you have root on your device it's possible to reload 
the missing locale data.


>>5. When using the e-mail client to send a message, I cannot populate  
>>the To: line using the Contacts list. I tap on the Contacts icon,  
>>then select the appropriate name from the dialog, and tap "Add".  
>>Nothing happens. %-\
>>This does not seem right.
> Sorry, still no help.

Don't use the e-mail client.  It's garbage, they're working on a 
replacement, it's not ready yet.  Many folks use webmail, there's also a 
  couple of third-party graphical clients although they don't seems 
terribly polished.  I use pine, a text-mode client which is a bit of a 
pain to set up but which (once set-up) I find as easy to use as a 
graphical client and is very stable.

>>6. Finally after searching Nokia's website, I can find no direction  
>>as to how to optimally charge the battery. Is is best to drain it  
>>completely or nearly so prior to recharging, or doesn't it matter?
> It does fine with partial draining for me. I hope this helped.

Deep cycling is actually bad for this type of battery.  Keep it topped 
off when it's convenient to do so.


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