[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Problems with bt keyboard

From: Jose Maria Rodriguez Millan dashiad at hotmail.com
Date: Sat Nov 18 03:40:19 EET 2006
Hello all..
I'm using a Smart Keyboard thanks to the kbdd port.The keyboard *almost* 
works..I've found two problems, and maybe they're not related to the 
keyboard itself...
- First problem: mapping the | (pipe) character: using xmodmap i can remap 
this character, but xterm doesnt recognize it.Running xev, i can see the 
character is recognized (XLookupString shows the right character), but the 
shell doesnt.GUI applications (Notes,Leafpad), show the pipe character.Is 
this a xterm-related issue?

-Second problem: i'm spanish, so i want to map a few characters 
(ntilde,etc).I can map it with xmodmap, and xev shows the right 
code,but,this time, XLookupString returns an empty string.I've tried mapping 
the keycode to "ntilde","0xF1","0x00F1","0x10000F1", with no luck..i guess 
some additional configuration has to be done...

Any clues?


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