[maemo-users] [maemo-users] few questions

From: Zoran Kolic zkolic at sbb.co.yu
Date: Sat Nov 18 08:40:45 EET 2006
Hi all!
I'm in a process of getting nokia 770.
Prior to even have it, I would like to
know some things. I've read docs related
to this device and googled for various
posts. Despite that, I never had insite
to this little beast and something could
sound stupid.
- If "user" installs new apps, is it pos-
sible to change this issue after getting
"root"? What are permissions to newly in-
stalled apps? I'd like to disallow "user"
to do that. Changing perms to directories
and binaries in it? Making "dpkg" 700?
- Is there any sign of firewall for "770"?
Looks superfluous in local network, but
important in void.
- Does "busybox" for OS2006 include "telnet",
"ping" or "traceroute"? I don't see those
apps on the app list. (Netcat could do the
trick, but anyway.)
- Does included ssl let "user" to do the
"openssl s_client -connect server"?
- What is experience for partition of
1GB mmc card?
- Someone upgraded device from freebsd?
Sorry if I ask obvious.
Best regards


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