[maemo-users] [maemo-users] dvorak keymap for stowaway bluetooth keyboard

From: Eyal Oren eyal.oren at deri.org
Date: Mon Oct 23 18:30:37 EEST 2006

If anybody is interested, I wrote a dvorak mapping for my stowaway 
bluetooth keyboard a while ago, to be used together with maemo-bt-plugin 
[1]. It allows you to use the dvorak layout on your stowaway.

The only problem is what to do with the 'z' key, the stowaway guys put the 
arrow-up on that location, so I mapped it on the '/' key. See below for 
more info.

I sent it to the maintainer of maemo-bt-plugin a while ago (see below) for 
inclusion in the distribution, but never heard from him. You can get the 
map file from http://www.eyaloren.org/dvorak.map, just drop it into 
/usr/share/kb-maps/ (note, the maemo-bt-plugin website mentions a wrong 
path for these files).


[1] http://770.fs-security.com/maemo-bt-plugin/

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Hi Tomas,
I finished the first version of the dvorak.map for the N770 bluetooth 
plugin. it works great! Please find it attached.

There is only one problem: the stowaway uses the /? key for the arrow-up, 
and separates the / and the ? over two keys. the problem is, that in the 
dvorak layout, the 'z' is located there. the result is, that I hit arrow-up 
every time i want to type a 'z'. what i did is put the 'z' there as i'm 
used to, and move  the arrow-up to the '/' key (at the far right) since I 
think people use the 'z' more often than the arrow-up. It is not a great 
solution, especially if you're navigating around with the other arrow keys, 
so if you have another suggestion, I'd be hapy to hear it.

I have one other question: now that I can type in my own layout again, I 
notice that the keyboard lags when I'm typing fast. Do you know if there's 
anything to be done about that, or is that a limitation of the bluetooth 
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