[maemo-users] further beating on OS2008 beta

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Mon Dec 3 11:27:22 EET 2007

ext Paul Dundas wrote:
>>> Why did they remove the useful tabs and replace it with multiple
>>> windows?   Given that there is no WM in the traditional sense you
>>> can't resize and move between them easily.  Tabs afforded the ability
>>> to quickly manage multiple term windows (my record on the IT is 10
>>> tabs.) Windows bring this to a grinding halt.
>> Because the platform style is multiple windows. And tabs wasted
>> quite a lot of *terminal window* space.
> But I find a relatively common use case for terminal involves
> switching terminals when in fullscreen mode - more so than
> switching apps. And in full screen mode (maximising terminal
> space), tabs really help this.

Press Home key and thumb the terminal you want from the window
list.  (it would be nice if the terminal would e.g. show the
current directory name in the window title though)

	- Eero

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