[maemo-users] further beating on OS2008 beta

From: James Sparenberg james at linuxrebel.org
Date: Tue Dec 4 00:58:17 EET 2007
On Monday 03 December 2007 01:27:22 am Eero Tamminen wrote:
> Hi,
> ext Paul Dundas wrote:
> >>> Why did they remove the useful tabs and replace it with
> >>> multiple windows?   Given that there is no WM in the
> >>> traditional sense you can't resize and move between them
> >>> easily.  Tabs afforded the ability to quickly manage multiple
> >>> term windows (my record on the IT is 10 tabs.) Windows bring
> >>> this to a grinding halt.
> >>
> >> Because the platform style is multiple windows. And tabs wasted
> >> quite a lot of *terminal window* space.
> >
> > But I find a relatively common use case for terminal involves
> > switching terminals when in fullscreen mode - more so than
> > switching apps. And in full screen mode (maximising terminal
> > space), tabs really help this.
> Press Home key and thumb the terminal you want from the window
> list.  (it would be nice if the terminal would e.g. show the
> current directory name in the window title though)
Not very practical actually.  If the screen updates (which if say I'm 
compiling remotely it's constantly doing) then as soon as the home 
widget pops up it closes and you can't use it.  (in full screen mode)  
plus to do this also requires that you 

1.  close the keyboard
2.  put away the stylus
3.  change hand position and minimize the screen 
4.  use home key open the list
5.  change windows 
6.  re-maximize

The thumb keyboard in xterm is a problem because it takes focus away 
from the term window, when it does it makes it conceptually, if 
nothing else, harder to use.,  so for me I stick with the pop-up 
keyboard.  Honestly for me the keys (home/menu/) and the D-Pad aren't 
used much at all.  

Perhaps allowing people to turn the feature on and off might be good.  
On the other hand I never heard anyone complaining about the tabs, or 
the bar on the right.  One size doesn't fit all you know.


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