[maemo-users] N810 gps troubles

From: Joshua Layne joshua at willowisp.net
Date: Mon Dec 3 18:52:06 EET 2007
I have been using the gps built into the N810 and have been less than
awestruck - it can't get a fix sometimes even when motionless under clear
sky for a half hour.  I have a BT gps unit also (a holux GPSlim 236 using
the sirf3 chipset) that gets fixes fine (it does suffer from jetlag bug,
but a removal of the battery cures that - not sure what the corresponding
"flush all ephemeris data" command would be for the N810).

What I discovered yesterday (need to validate it the next time I see the
problem) is that the problem is more likely software than hardware, as I
was able to cure the symptom with a `killall -HUP gpsd`

but... I shouldn't have to - this is a consumer device, not something that
linux was shoe-horned onto (like my ipaq) and they don't include the root
access that would be necessary for this command by default anyway.

Taking a closer look at their gpsd - it looks to be version 1.0-23 ('osso'
branded).  Why is such an old gpsd being used?  The current release is
2.34.  I have noticed stability problems with some old versions of gpsd,
but the newer versions are much more robust.

Is it possible to replace the supplied gpsd with a newer version?  I can
compile for armel on OE.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated - I bought this unit to minimize
the devices I had to carry around - I would prefer to not have to carry my
BT unit around (and if I am right, that it is gpsd that is the problem, it
wouldn't help anyway -- I don't have it with me right now and am out of
town for a few more days)

other config file pointers would also be useful - I am new to maemo.

Thanks in advance - really happy with the device overall, just trying to
get my particular 'user cases' nailed down so I can just use and enjoy the


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