[maemo-users] N810 gps troubles

From: Bob Crawford crawdad at powerclam.com
Date: Mon Dec 3 22:43:02 EET 2007
Joshua Layne wrote:
> I have been using the gps built into the N810 and have been less than
> awestruck - it can't get a fix sometimes even when motionless under clear
> sky for a half hour.
While I can't speak to any of the technical questions in your post - and
I do look forward to a reply by someone knowledgeable about those
matters - I have noticed the following, which drives me nuts:

>From the driveway of my house, it can take 2 minutes or more to get a
GPS "lock."
At the house of a friend of mine, "lock" is achieved in only a few seconds.

While there _is_ a fairly big power-line near my house, it isn't _that_
Makes me wonder...

Loving the 810, though I wish the construction and form-factor had
stayed a bit more like the 770...

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