[maemo-users] Flashing from powerpc and linux

From: Bob Crawford crawdad at powerclam.com
Date: Fri Dec 7 05:19:36 EET 2007
digger vermont wrote:
> Hello All,
> Just got an N800 today. :)
> It looks like the only way to flash it from a powerpc and linux is to
> use 0xFFFF.  Is that correct?
> It doesn't look like it can yet flash the image as a whole.  But it can
> unpack the it into pieces as:
> 2nd, kernel, rootfs, xloader, initfs, secondary
> Will it work for me to then install the individual pieces?  Or will I be
> missing something?
I've flashed from linux several times onto my 770s and now my 810, and
have never needed to unpack components first...
just download the flasher and the image, run the flasher with the
command line from the howto on the maemo.org site.
I can see the flasher breaking out the various components as it installs
them one by one onto the tablet.
Can't imagine it'd be different on PPC...

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