[maemo-users] Keyboard for N800

From: Dr. Nicholas Shaw Doc at DocHarley.com
Date: Mon Dec 10 19:08:56 EET 2007
> Ctrl works fine for me (full-sized iGo/ThinkOutside Stowaway Bluetooth) 
> - perhaps you mean Fn?  The layout on the N800 intercepts Fn and 
> interprets it as a "right-click", so if you want to use any Fn-whatever 
> key combinations (in light blue on the keyboard), you need to set up a 
> small change.  I saw the instructions either on this list or 
> internettablettalk.com recently - I think they involved xmodmap, google 
> shall certain find them.

Yes, Ryan, you're correct - I meant Fn.  I'll search for the required
changes! Thanks!


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