[maemo-users] Keyboard for N800

From: Nick Phillips nwp at nz.lemon-computing.com
Date: Tue Dec 11 22:58:40 EET 2007
On 11/12/2007, at 8:24 AM, Mike Klein wrote:
> I can tough type > 120wpm and the Apple keyboard brings me down to  
> like
> 30wpm...it isn't easy to type on when on your lap as it's so narrow.  
> The
> HappyHacking keyboard is better example of small keyboard (although
> wired) with full-size keys and travel.

Tough Typing... I like it. Perhaps referring to use of qwerty rather  
than dvorak, or just wearing camo trousers, warpaint, flexing the  
biceps and going "grrr!" while typing?



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