[maemo-users] Noob Questions

From: Steve Yelvington steve at yelvington.com
Date: Mon Dec 10 23:14:04 EET 2007
dnsmasq has all grown up since last time I looked at the manpage, but 
won't this do what you're seeking?

*S, --local, 
    Specify IP address of upstream servers directly. Setting this flag
    does not suppress reading of /etc/resolv.conf, use -R to do that. If
    one or more optional domains are given, that server is used only for
    those domains and they are queried only using the specified server.
    This is intended for private nameservers: if you have a nameserver
    on your network which deals with names of the form
    xxx.internal.thekelleys.org.uk at then giving the flag
    *-S /internal.thekelleys.org.uk/ * will send all queries
    for internal machines to that nameserver, everything else will go to
    the servers in /etc/resolv.conf. An empty domain specification, *//
    * has the special meaning of "unqualified names only" ie names
    without any dots in them. A non-standard port may be specified as
    part of the IP address using a # character. More than one -S flag is
    allowed, with repeated domain or ipaddr parts as required.

    Also permitted is a -S flag which gives a domain but no IP address;
    this tells dnsmasq that a domain is local and it may answer queries
    from /etc/hosts or DHCP but should never forward queries on that
    domain to any upstream servers. *local* is a synonym for *server* to
    make configuration files clearer in this case.

    The optional second IP address after the @ character tells dnsmasq
    how to set the source address of the queries to this nameserver. It
    should be an address belonging to the machine on which dnsmasq is
    running otherwise this server line will be logged and then ignored.
    The query-port flag is ignored for any servers which have a source
    address specified but the port may be specified directly as part of
    the source address.

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