[maemo-users] Noob Questions

From: Kalle Valo kalle.valo at nokia.com
Date: Wed Dec 12 07:43:40 EET 2007
"ext Steve Yelvington" <steve at yelvington.com> writes:

> dnsmasq has all grown up since last time I looked at the manpage, but
> won't this do what you're seeking?
> *S, --local,
> --server=[/[<domain>]/[domain/]][<ipaddr>[#<port>][@<source>[#<port>]]]*
>    Specify IP address of upstream servers directly. Setting this flag
>    does not suppress reading of /etc/resolv.conf, use -R to do that. If
>    one or more optional domains are given, that server is used only for
>    those domains and they are queried only using the specified server.
>    This is intended for private nameservers: if you have a nameserver
>    on your network which deals with names of the form
>    xxx.internal.thekelleys.org.uk at then giving the flag
>    *-S /internal.thekelleys.org.uk/ * will send all queries
>    for internal machines to that nameserver, everything else will go to
>    the servers in /etc/resolv.conf.

That's not it (if I understood it correctly). What we are after is
domain search functionality, that is we if a DNS query fails the DNS
resolver would need to to expand the query with the domain. Here's a
simplified example where domain search contains 'example.com':

-> DNS query server1.
<- no answer
-> DNS query server1.example.com1.
<- server1.example.com1 is at

Kalle Valo

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