[maemo-users] "airplane mode" for traveling

From: René Seindal rene at seindal.dk
Date: Sat Dec 15 17:28:19 EET 2007
Jonathan D. Proulx wrote:
> a possibly unrelated data point...
> the offline switch on my thinkpad also disables bluetooth.  Clearly
> someone thinks that no RF mean no RF (well beyond the usual noise)

The same happed on a HP laptop I used for a while.

I think the reason is that bluetooth and wifi uses the same antenna, and 
off-line mode probably just powers down the low level transmitter, so 
both signals are turned off together.

I too ran into the problem with enabling off-line mode for power savings 
and then not being able to use the bluetooth keyboard.

René Seindal (rene at seindal.dk)

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