[maemo-users] "airplane mode" for traveling

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Sun Dec 16 02:01:22 EET 2007
Jonathan Jesse wrote:
> Just started traveling with my Nokia N800 a lot and have a question as 
> it regards to flying or airplane mode.  I noticed that when I activate 
> "offline mode," bluetooth is deactivated as well, which means I can't 
> use the bluetooth keyboard.  Anyways the question is, as long as I am 
> not connected to a wireless network, or actively searching for a 
> wireless connection am I in compliance with the whole no transmit rules 
> that airlines require or do I have to switch to "offline mode?"  I 
> assume there are no problems using bluetooth while on an airline?

I didn't know there was an "offline mode" (and I haven't found it yet).
On my flights to and from the US last week I did what I could to turn 
off wifi by disconnecting it from the airport network at the departure 
gate and setting the search interval to "Never". I used my BT keyboard 
on the plane and no-one complained (and we didn't crash).

The advice to obey cabin crew is good, but without any formal basis for 
knowing what the policies are, any such instructions are likely to be 
without technical grounding. Still got to obey, no matter how odd.


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