[maemo-users] any hope for 770

From: A J Thew aj.thew at gmail.com
Date: Thu Dec 20 16:31:21 EET 2007
On 20/12/2007, Karl Bellve <Karl.Bellve at umassmed.edu> wrote:
> Luca Ognibene wrote:
> >
> > Uhm.. you don't like the media player? use mplayer... you don't like
> > the browser? there is microb (based on mozilla and open source) you
> > don't like the default mail program? there is modest and/or claws mail
> > (open source). And you don't need to reflash whole device to install
> > these programs.. btw i have a n800, don't know if these programs work
> > on n770.
> >
> > ciao
> > Luca
> >
> >
> I have done all that. I use mplayer but it chokes on wmv videos but it
> does almost every mpg I throw at it, unlike the default media player. I
> used mimino for a while, but it has issues (but very good attempt). 3rd
> party software is what makes the Nokia 770 a worth while device. I just
> use web mail for my email...I have given up on a real email application...
> The problem is that the Nokia 770,800 and 810 are devices that are
> heavily dependent upon Nokia for their software. You can't just update
> individual packages and some of the 3rd party packages don't have the
> ability to really bang on Nokia hardware. It is as if they treat the
> device more like a phone and not a computer. The problem is it isn't as
> reliable as a phone and crashes like a computer...so, the users need to
> be able to update the core software independently of Nokia. This applies
> to all N-Series.
> I am just too used to Firefox and Thunderbird on my desktop to put up
> with random crashes and poor performance on my Nokia. Everyone else can
> continue beta testing for Nokia, but I will pass for a while.

I bought my 770 because I wanted a small wifi/bluetooth/email device.

I'm only running OS 2006. I use a text email client (originally pine,
now alpine that
was mentioned on the list for mail). It's rock solid and is way better
than the GUI
client. Obviously text email isn't to everyone's taste.

gtalk seems to work well.Yes opera could be better but works fairly
well for me. Openssh
works well (use it regularly). I don't use the media stuff a great
deal, so perhaps I've
done well/been fortunate. Using 3rd party open source stuff seems to be better.

A Thew


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