[maemo-users] any hope for 770

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Thu Dec 20 16:39:19 EET 2007

ext Karl Bellve wrote:
> David Fass wrote:
>> Just wondering, is there any hope for stable applications on the 770,
>> or has that boat sailed?  I use AbiWord, which crashes at random
>> moments.  I use the default browser which also crashes at random
>> moments.  The computer frequently decides to restart itself at random
>> moments.  The bluetooth connection goes on and off; the wireless
>> connection goes on and off.
>> Is this just stuff that people live with?  
> I use the latest hacker edition, which fixed some of the bugs in Opera 
> but not all. The random crashes in Opera annoy me.

At least half of those are due to modern www-pages requiring too
much memory.  There are also bugs in Flashplayer v7 in case you've
enabled Flashplayer and Flash content normally takes quite huge amounts
of memory.  You should disable Flash and enable it only for specific
pages where you really need it.  If you disable JavaScript too (some of
the JavaScript programs on www-pages behave also really badly
memory-wise), that helps too.

> The piss-poor media 
> player doesn't play much of anything, unlike mplayer. These are some of 
> the reasons why I won't be replacing my Nokia 770 with anything else 
> from Nokia.  I want a device that isn't dependent upon a vendor for its 
> main software. This is why I like the ASUS eee. It runs standard 
> applications like Firefox and Thunderbird.

It's a different compromise. It doesn't fit into your pocket, so
it can have larger battery and therefore more CPU power and memory.

I don't see why you couldn't run Firefox or Thunderbird also on
N800/N810, but they use so much memory with current www-pages that
compared to ITOS Microb or Opera based browsers, they really wouldn't
be usable. (Their UIs aren't really designed for 226 DPI screen either)

> With my experience with Opera 
> on the Nokia, I doubt I will use any device that has Opera as its main 
> browser. The people behind Opera should be embarrassed.
> Why can't I just get Opera updated, or the email client? Why does the 
> whole device need to be flashed? This is why I won't buy Nokia again.

In the future there is support for in-place system updates (similar to
Debian/Ubuntu), but you need to remember that doing large system updates
through package management may not give give you all the Flash storage,
(startup) performance and memory usage improvements and can actually 
decrease those (mostly because it's not feasible to run prelink on
the device).  And it can fail if you don't have enough space for
the update.

	- Eero

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