[maemo-users] File and Folder Encryption

From: Austin Che maemo at austinche.name
Date: Mon Dec 24 17:55:02 EET 2007
>> > The packages which are missing are:
>> > hildon-fm1
>> > hildon-libs0
>> > libdbus-1-2
>>     These packages are for OS2007 (bora) and don't exist in
>>     OS2008. It's not clear what you mean that you have the
>>     repositories necessary. Does that mean you added the bora
>>     repositories? It requires a bit more than just adding the old
>>     repositories as there are some dependencies to take care of. See
>>     this script:
>>     http://austinche.name/maemo/compat-os2007.sh
> Thanks for the response
> I am something of a noob so sorry for asking questions that may seem pretty
> obvious to others.
> I am sure you are right about the conflicts and from the script you noted, I
> can see the conflicts with hildon-lgpl0, hildon-libs0, hildon-fm1
> I know I was taking a chance with bora repositories but as it says on the
> gronmayer site "bora repository, but may have applications and libraries
> that still work on chinook" so I thought it work a try. I have had to add at
> least one bora repo in order to get what I would call essential applications
> to install (mplayer for example).

    I forgot to also say that it does work to install the old
    libraries. Those conflicts aren't "real" conflicts so it's safe to
    run that script (as far as I know). This should allow os2007
    applications to at least load and probably run successfully if it
    doesn't depend on too much other os2007 stuff.

    On a side note, I don't find it particularly nice for packages to
    use fake conflicts to force the removal of non-conflicting
    packages. There should be another way of asking the user whether
    they want to keep older packages.
> So I guess there is nothing of this kind compatible with OS2008 yet. I have
> no idea how to compile for OS2008 (and the learning curve for a mainly
> Windows person would be a little steep I think as I am fairly busy trying to
> earn a living on other things) so I guess I will have to hope someone has
> the time to do this at some point in the future.

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