[maemo-users] Microb-based browser settings come from? (OS2008-latest N800)

From: Larry Battraw lbattraw at gmail.com
Date: Mon Dec 24 20:30:12 EET 2007
I'm having a unusual problem where proxy settings from another defined
connection have permanently "contaminated" the settings written into
the prefs.js for the browser.  No matter what settings I choose for my
current connection it always writes in the proxy settings from a
former connection (I deleted it).  Normally I don't use a proxy so the
connection I've defined has the proxy settings blank and not set to
use a proxy.  Regardless, these other proxy settings are written into
the prefs.js, making it impossible to connect to any sites.  I've
tried installing privoxy and setting the proxy settings to as you would expect; it does nothing, the old proxy
settings from the former connection are written into prefs.js.  I've
hand-edited prefs.js (without the browser running), and used
about:config to manually blank the proxy settings.  Using about:config
works until I close the browser, whereupon those old proxy settings
are written back in.

Any clues where the proxy settings are coming from and how to get rid
of this behavior?  And yes, I did restore from a backup when upgrading
to the latest version of the OS.


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