[maemo-users] how to install OS2007?

From: Zoran Kolic zkolic at sbb.co.yu
Date: Thu Dec 27 17:43:51 EET 2007
>     Why install OS07?  Unless you've got specific, life or death OS07
> apps that haven't yet be ported to OS08, OS08 has some definite
> significant advantages.  There's a significant speed increase, power
> seems to last about as long if not longer, the browser works better,
> online video (like youtube) actually is at usable speeds.

Original poster seems to have 770. That's why.

>     If you're a new user, I'd forget O7 and go directly to 08.  There's
> enough 08 stuff for a new user that you'll spend a week or more
> exploring all that's available, and by then, even more stuff will be
> available.

A lot of useful command line tools have gone to the mist.
Hope the same will not get perl, python, ruby...

>     Plus, you'll eventually need/want to upgrade to OS08, in which case,
> you'll have to reinstall all sorts of things at a huge waste of YOUR
> time...  Just few thoughts.

Apt-get could be scriptted. Time is overprized.


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