[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Battery Benchmarking?

From: Amit.Kucheria at nokia.com Amit.Kucheria at nokia.com
Date: Wed Jan 10 14:21:36 EET 2007
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>I believe Nokia is missing a psychological factor here. Putting the
>cover on the 770 allows the user to forget about it. He finished using
>it and it is kind of stored away safely, it won't distract him.
>The N800 has no equivalent. When you stop using it, its screen stays
>lighted for a while - "wasn't there something else you wanted to use me
>for?", it still demands a certain amount of attention. Then it switches
>the light off at some point - if it is lying around in your vincinity
>this is another visible intrusion that you'll notice even from the
>corner of your eyes. Plus it - at least the prototype I've seen - keeps
>blinking the blue LED in the cursor pad. Not sure what this is supposed
>to indicate. Active Network connection? "not really switched off"?

I am afraid that _IS_ the product concept of "ALWAYS ON". Of course you
don't have to be always ON, but it requires changing the default
settings. Do the following:

In Connection Manager -> Tools -> Connectivity Settings -> General:

- Connect automatically: WLAN connections
- Search interval: Never

Idle times tab:
- WLAN idle time: 5 minutes

This will ensure that for known APs you are connected automatically and
when you are idle, it is automatically disconnected. Also, by setting
search interval to NEVER, you ensure that WLAN isn't trying to look for
known APs all the time.

In Display Settings, uncheck "Show LED lights" to turn off the blinking

(I can feel the eyes of marketing and product concepting people boring a
hole into my back.)


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