[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Battery Benchmarking?

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Date: Wed Jan 10 14:32:54 EET 2007
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>>I believe Nokia is missing a psychological factor here. Putting the
>>cover on the 770 allows the user to forget about it. He finished using
>>it and it is kind of stored away safely, it won't distract him.
>>The N800 has no equivalent. When you stop using it, its screen stays
>>lighted for a while - "wasn't there something else you wanted 
>to use me
>>for?", it still demands a certain amount of attention. Then 
>it switches
>>the light off at some point - if it is lying around in your vincinity
>>this is another visible intrusion that you'll notice even from the
>>corner of your eyes. Plus it - at least the prototype I've 
>seen - keeps
>>blinking the blue LED in the cursor pad. Not sure what this 
>is supposed
>>to indicate. Active Network connection? "not really switched off"?
>I am afraid that _IS_ the product concept of "ALWAYS ON". Of course you
>don't have to be always ON, but it requires changing the default
>settings. Do the following:

And to attempt to defend the concept of Always ON, think about the
general populace - tech savvy enough to use VoIP, but not geek enough to
understand/care about what goes into making it work. They would not
understand why they can't receive their VoIP calls on Gtalk, Skype, etc.
_all_ the time. After all it works on PCs.


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