[maemo-users] [maemo-users] How to debug WLAN connection problem in N800?

From: Tristan Wibberley tristan at wibberley.org
Date: Sat Jan 13 02:13:31 EET 2007
> I've been trying to get my N800 to connect to Internet (web browser + other apps) using WLAN without success. What are the ways to debug the problem?
> Some background info: 
> -The wireless access point at home is Linksys WRT54GL
> -All tested laptops, Nokia 9500 communicator, previous PDAs etc have worked without problems using the same WLAN AP
> -The only web page I can access with the N800 is the admin UI on the Linksys WLAN AP
> -N800 connects to the Internet using bluetooth & communicator (EGPRS) without any problems
> -I haven't had the possibility to try using any other WLAN AP yet
> -When trying to open a web page there is an immediate non-value adding error message saying "Network Error"  + the requested URL

I think I have the same problem. The connection applet shows that
I can connect and I get assigned an ip address, etc except that
"Connection Manager->Internet Connection->IPAddress->Default router
says "(none)".

If I set the wifi connection to use a static ip, netmask and
default route, still no default router gets set.

>From xterm, /etc/sbin/route segfaults

Connection over a mobile phone works, correctly setting a
default route.

wierd, I'm contacting nokia shortly.


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