[maemo-users] [maemo-users] How to install deb packages manually ?

From: Marius Vollmer marius.vollmer at nokia.com
Date: Mon Jan 15 12:44:48 EET 2007
"ext David" <slugplayer at free.fr> writes:

> But i have an error that tells the application is incompatible.

Yes, that is how the Application Manager tells you that the package
has not been declared to be safe to be installed with it.

We can't just have people install any old .deb that they find on some
web-site, now can we? :-)

If you really want to install the .debs you found on maemo.org, you
can convince the Appliction Manager to install them by putting it into
the red-pill mode:


The "It will also allow installing packages from any section." bit is
what you want.

> Is there a difference between ITOS2007, maemo3.0 and bora ? (What a
> newbie question !!!!)

That's not a newbie question! :-)

There is no difference between bora and maemo3.0, "bora" is the
symbolic name of the maemo 3.0 release.  IT OS 2007 is the whole of
what is on the N800 when you take it out of the box.  Maemo 3.0 is the
SDK for it.

You could say that the IT OS 2007 is build around the maemo 3.0
platform, by adding things like proprietary drivers below, the
proprietary applications like the browser on top, and artwork on the

That's the theory at least.  The praxis is subtly different, which
accounted for some surprising incompatabilities between maemo 2.0 and
IT OS 2006 and the unfortunate statement that it is actually not
supported to "apt-get upgrade" a IT OS 2006 device from the mistral
repository, making it a bit dangerous to have it configured at all.  I
don't know how compatible the bora repositories are with IT OS 2007
devices, but I expect the situation to have improved a lot.

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