[maemo-users] [maemo-users] n800 not working at hotel hotspot

From: Timo Witikainen timo.witikainen at kolumbus.fi
Date: Mon Jan 15 11:20:08 EET 2007
Have you checked the connection details from the Tools->Connection Manager->Internet connection->IP address

Sounds pretty much like the problem I (plus someone else on the mailing-list) had with no default router assigned even if all the other settings (ip, netmask, dns) were correct.

In my case re-flashing helped, but still I'm not aware of the initial root-cause.



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I'm at a ramada hotel typing this email into Internet Explorer because for some reason, although my n800 picks up the hotspot loud and clear, the browser doesn't seem to redirect to the guest registration page and allow me to browse. I just get a message "network problem" in a dialog box on the screen.
Should I expect this to happen at many hotspots ? How do these things work anyaway, they seem to hijack your attempt to fetch a home page and redirect you to a terms-and-conditions acceptance page. The access is free, but you have to click 'accept' to continue.
Is there something different I should be doing to make this work - there was nothing I needed to do differently in my laptop.

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