[maemo-users] [maemo-users] How to debug WLAN connection problem in N800?

From: Timo Witikainen timo.witikainen at kolumbus.fi
Date: Mon Jan 15 11:06:40 EET 2007
A status update from my side as well. 

I spent yesterday some time and re-flashed my N800 with the same build (latest) as it had when I received it. I used the tools from Nokia support site on my laptop (WIN XP). After that the problem is gone. Now the default router gets set properly (previously was (none) and the connection through my WRT54GL has been working perfectly well for 18h or so.

I had tried connecting using ip-address without success, so dns was not the reason.

So it seems to me that the obvious reason for not being able to connect to internet properly was the default router problem. (ip, netmask, dns had proper values, default router (none)) Unfortunately I hadn't had enough time to install xterm etc. Still a newby with Internet Tablet and debian.

Unfortunate for you Nokia guys that now I'm not able to reproduce the problem anymore so that you could trace back to the root cause for certain units not functioning as expected out of the box. Sorry for that, but I was so eager to get my gadget up'n running.




On 1/15/07, Kalle Valo <Kalle.Valo at nokia.com> wrote:

    "Juha Kuikka" <juha.kuikka at gmail.com> writes:

    > I can chime in with the second problem. :)

    Come on, it's Monday. Please give the guy some time to wakeup first ;) 

Sure, go and get a second cup of coffee. I'll wait. :)

    But seriously: keep all comments coming, I'm curious to see how WLAN
    works for N800.

    > Environment: Linksys WRT54G with latest FW, configured to only allow WPA2
    > with AES-PSK, N800 with out-of-the-box FW.

    What N800 image version?

Version: 1.2006.47-20

    > Problem description:
    > Occasionally the wlan connection on n800 ceases to function. So far this has
    > only happened when the device is not in use i.e. I pick it up to start
    > browsing but it is not working.
    > In the UI problem is not apparent, the Connection Manager still shows the
    > state as "Connected" and in "IP address" screen everything looks ok. In
    > Connection Manager the "Sent" counter increases if I initiate communication
    > from n800 but the "Received" is unchanged no matter what I try.
    > On the command line (Xterm):
    > - routing table is ok
    > - ifconfig is ok

    Can you check kernel logs with dmesg? Is there talk about "haven't got
    a WR_READY for DMA write"? 

Nothing like that is visible. In fact there is nothing evil-looking in the dmesg before:
Shut down SoftMAC
Loading 3826.arm firmware
(c)opyright 2004 Conexant

Which I suspect is re-initializing the wlan?

Only messages before those are in the nature of:
EAC mode: play enabled/disabled, rec enabled/disabled
omapfb: ... setting update mode to manual/disabled/enabled

I'll get a fresh dmesg next time I see this problem.

    > - /etc/resolv.conf only shows localhost (this also seems to be the case
    > when the connection is working, we are using local proxy-dns?)

    Yep, there's dnsmasq running. IIRC, the original resolv.conf files are
    in '/tmp/resolv.conf.*'.

Ok. Shouldn't matter here anyway because connection with ip-address does not work either.

 - Juha

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