[maemo-users] [maemo-users] n800 not working at hotel hotspot

From: Robson, Alan alan.robson at viasat.com
Date: Tue Jan 16 07:31:49 EET 2007
Thank you all for your responses.

I was able to access the wifi using Opera on the PC - so it's not an IE only thing (but it was a great suggestion)

I have no idea how to get to a command line interface, I think I'll need a shell program of some sort, I look forward to investigating this more once I get home and I can perhaps download things from maemo.org.

Many thanks


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> I'm at a ramada hotel typing this email into Internet Explorer because for
> some reason, although my n800 picks up the hotspot loud and clear, the
> browser doesn't seem to redirect to the guest registration page and allow me
> to browse. I just get a message "network problem" in a dialog box on the
> screen.
> Should I expect this to happen at many hotspots ? How do these things work
> anyaway, they seem to hijack your attempt to fetch a home page and redirect
> you to a terms-and-conditions acceptance page. The access is free, but you
> have to click 'accept' to continue.
> Is there something different I should be doing to make this work - there was
> nothing I needed to do differently in my laptop.

I see similar issue with my n770 (and always have although it improved
when I moved from It-2005 to IT-2006) on local govt provided
'StreetNet'. Basically when you try to connect to a site it redirects
to a login page before sending you back to the pages you want to
visit. When you 'login' I think it sets up the router/firewall to
allow you out for a period of time. It doesn't work overly well on the


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