[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Nokia N800 unbuyable

From: Emanuele Corno emanuele.corno at gmail.com
Date: Sun Jan 21 14:53:40 EET 2007
Hello all,
I want to share my bad experience on nokia dot com Europe, trying to
purchase the N800 :
It's the third order I am sending, as in the first two, my Gold  credit card
didn't pass the financial test, now I sent another with  another credit
card, because I want to see if it's a problem with my specific Gold card
Honestly, i strongly doubt that a card with several thousand euro plafond
might be refused..
Anyhow, I wish anyone who purchased or tried to do it at Nokia direct shop
could share the experience, as I am quite frustrated!!!
I start thinking that there's something behind... Maybe they run out of
item, or something else...
Anyhow, I wanted first to aware anyone who might read, as it seems they
don't want to sell the N800 so easily...
Maybe you need to deserve it????
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