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From: Tim Ashman tim at ashmans.net
Date: Mon Jan 22 16:25:20 EET 2007
Thank you very much.  Over the next couple of days I will check all of this 
out and report back.  


On 01/22/2007 05:24, Graham Cobb wrote:
> On Sunday 21 January 2007 12:29, Tim Ashman wrote:
> > I'm struggling with getting my palm addressbook into my n800.  I've
> > exported the palm address book into one file of vcards.  I'm looking for
> > a way to import all of them into GPE, however GPE only seems to support
> > import one at a time, not a good choice when I have over 500 or so.
> You are probably best posting this to the GPE mailing list
> gpe-list at linuxtogo.org (see http://linuxtogo.org/mailman/listinfo/gpe-list
> ). You are right that there should be an easy way to do this, particularly
> for a one-time import (for ongoing synchronisation Opensync is the right
> answer, see below).
> > 1.  When I install libgpevtype-0.17 gpesyncd will work but then the
> > contacts app will not start anymore.  I then have to uninstall
> > libgpevtype after uninstalling contacts and calendars.
> You need to have the correct version of gpesyncd for the version of
> gpe-calendar and gpe-contacts: some major changes happened to the database
> format and also to the library usage.  The versions in SVN are consistent
> but unfortunately, as the necessary packages are spread across two
> repositories it is hard to be sure that they are correctly synchronised.
> > 2. With gpesyncd installed I can get the command options to work however
> > I'm at a lost as to how to correctly use them.  I haven't been able to
> > find any documentation.
> There is always the code! :-)  If you plan to use it locally (for example,
> from a script), invoke gpesyncd with no command line options.  The useful
> commands are then "uidlist vcard" (which lists the ids of all currently
> loaded cards), "get vcard <id>" and "add vcard BEGIN:VCARD".  Note that in
> the add command the BEGIN:VCARD must follow on the same line and gpesyncd
> will read more lines until it finds the matching END:VCARD.
> gpesyncd will only load one VCARD with each ADD command.  If you have
> multiple cards to load you need to split them into separate commands (just
> insert "add vcard " before each BEGIN:VCARD).  If gpesyncd reports errors
> loading any of your vcards I would be interested to hear -- preferably by
> entering a report in the GPE bugzilla http://bugs.linuxtogo.org/
> > So doesn't anyone have a process laid out for importing multiple vcards
> > into the GPE apps.
> Actually I would use Opensync.  The GPE plug-in knows how to work with
> gpesyncd.  You can even run Opensync locally on the N800 (actually, I have
> only tested on the 770) if you want.
> I mentioned the 770 port of Opensync on the mailing list last week but the
> message was lost in the mailing list problems.  Here is an extract from
> that message:
> I have ported Opensync to the 770 (see
> http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?thread_id=31244769&forum_id=44
>498 for the announcement on the opensync-devel list).  It needs more work
> but I have the framework, GPE, file and syncml plugins working (syncml
> works with bluetooth but not tested with USB).
> I have not (yet) ported the EDS or Google Calendar plugins.  Note that I
> was unable to get the python support to build but I will try it again with
> the recently announced Python 2.5 when I get a chance.  If anyone else
> wants to work either on more plugins or on re-instating the python support
> please let me know.
> I am currently working on a problem getting a full sync (of my 600 or more
> items) between GPE and my Nokia 6230i phone working on the 770.  I can do
> smaller syncs but I am concentrating on getting this full-scale sync
> working before going back to porting more of opensync.
> Graham
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